Our Village

Santa María is a small village located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, specifically in the Puntarenas province. We are privileged with the abundance of forests, as well as all the biodiversity and resources they offer us; we harvest our produces from the land and take care of it so that we can coexist with species together. Our lifestyle is very peaceful. Our people is very kind and gentle. Here, everybody knows each other and greet nicely those foreigners who come in.

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Adventure Activities

We see ourselves as a bridge between those visitors who want to have a nice
and pleasant experience and our lovely place for them to enjoy and share our mission.

Why Book with Us

Our goal is to offer our visitors a nice stay in our country and quality of time. We want to share with you a thrilling experience. We take you to the Cabecar peak in La Amistad International Park while showing you the stunning oak forests, the unique paramo, our waterfall, and the incredible view of the two slopes simultaneously. We invite you to pay us a visit, meet us, and enjoy being one more member of this wonderful place.

Local Development

Your trip helps families from our community not huge companies taking advantage of our resources.

100% Customizable

We adjust your trip according to your needs and expectations.

Local Experts. Free Pricing

We're an association of local people who know perfectly the area. When booking with us, you get an excellent price since we produce and offer goods and services directly from our people.

No Hidden Charges

We do not add hidden extras cost. All trips include travel permit, lodging and fooding. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

You Help Local People

When you come to our community, you help directly local people because you consume the produce from our land and their services.

Preserve Nature

Since we generate incomes from tourism, we do not need to use the land of forests for agriculture. We conserve the forests and use only the land we need for subsistance.

Make your choice!

Choose a package, visit us, and be part of the explorers who dare to change the concept of traveling.

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